The Executive Control Board (ECB) has contracted with ATI to serve as Program Administrator, who, acting with guidance from the ECB and input from Navy Sponsors, is responsible for the overall management of the Collaboration, including technical, programmatic, contracting, reporting, financial and administrative matters.  The Program Administrator employs the program’s Executive Director, who provides a single point of contact for the Collaboration, the Government and the respective designees.

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, the Executive Director, together with the NSRP Staff listed below, manages and executes:

  • Project oversight, together with the Extended Team members
  • On-site and virtual meeting coordination and facilitation
  • Creation and maintenance of Program website
  • Providing technology transfer avenues, including coordinating virtual project demos and meetings and disseminating project results through the Program website and other outlets
  • Acting as conduit for the dissemination of industry and Navy news and information
  • Developing Program marketing materials and resource documents
  • Creating, managing, and reporting various data resources, including project implementation, benchmarking, specifications, current industry and Navy trends and focus areas.


Mark Smitherman, Executive Director

Nick Laney, Program Manager

Jim House, Senior Program Manager

           Steve Gaschler, Technical Manager

Skip Solis, Contracts Manager

Elizabeth Frankart, Contracts Manager

Samantha Snodgrass, Subcontracts Administrator

Ryan Schneider, Project Manager/Solicitation Manager

Donna Mosny, Business Manager

Lydia Szydlo, Panel Coordinator

Carmela Cupido, Program Assistant

Contact the NSRP Team at: