Executive Control Board

The Executive Control Board¬†(ECB) is the governing body of NSRP and is comprised of senior management representatives from each of the collaboration’s shipyards, who, with Navy input, approves budgets, project portfolios and the strategic direction of the Program

Executive Director and Staff

The Executive Director is selected by the Executive Control Board and, together with the Program staff, is responsible for managing the overall day-to-day operations of the Program

Extended Team

The NSRP Extended Team is comprised of shipyard industry representatives who serve as Leads for each Major Initiative, NSRP Shipyard Delegates, Panel Chairs and Technical Points of Contact

Major Initiatives

Each of the Major Initiatives are led by two representatives from NSRP collaboration shipyards and are nominated by the Executive Control Board. Major Initiative Team Leads (MITLs) provide technical oversight on projects, act as NSRP liaisons within their shipyard and provide input and recommendations on key elements of the Program.

Information, Design, & Integration

Ship Production Technologies

Infrastructure, Logistics & Sustainment


Each of the Panels¬†are aligned with the Major Initiatives and are considered the Program’s front line communication source for engaging with industry, Navy stakeholders and the general public. Each panel elects a chair and vice-chair who lead and coordinate the panel activities, including meetings and panel project solicitations.

Ship Design & Material Technologies

Ship Warfare Systems Integration

Business Technologies

Electrical Technologies

Planning, Production Processes & Facilities

Surface Preparation & Coatings

Welding Technology

Workforce & Compliance


NSRP Shipyard Delegates

NSRP Shipyard Delegates (NSD) serve as a primary point of contact for NSRP-related information flowing into and out of the shipyard. As Major Initiative Team Leads can serve as that primary point of contact, ECB representatives can designate a MITL from their shipyard to also serve as the NSD. For those ECB shipyards who are not represented on the MITL slate,a qualified individual will be appointed by the ECB representative from that shipyard to serve as NSD.