NSRP Panels are aligned with the three major initiatives and are the working groups of NSRP. Each panel elects a chair and vice-chair who lead and coordinate the panel activities. Below is the current Panel Chair/Vice Chair roster:

Business Technologies

Chair: Jamie Breakfield – Ingalls Shipbuilding
Vice Chair: Patrick Roberts* РSSIUSA

Electrical Technologies

Chair: Jason FarmerIngalls Shipbuilding
Vice Chair: Walt Skalniak* – Ashby Company

Planning, Production Processes and Facilities

Chair: Ben Dorris – FMM
Vice Chair: Patrick Cahill – Cahill Consulting, L.L.C.

Ship Design & Material Technologies

Chair: Monika Skowronska* – General Dynamics NASSCO
Vice Chair: Victoria Dlugokecki – Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering Consultant

Ship Warfare Systems Integration

Chair: Perry Haymon РIngalls Shipbuilding
Vice Chair: Harold Howard* – Newport News Shipbuilding

Surface Preparation and Coatings

Chair: Conlan Hsu* РNewport News Shipbuilding 
Vice Chair: Angel Zepeda* – NASSCO

Welding Technology

Chair: Kevin Roossinck* – Ingalls Shipbuilding
Vice Chair: Cody Whitely* – NASSCO

Workforce & Compliance

Chair: Ean Greene* РHII-Newport News Shipbuilding 
Vice Chair: Maurissa D’Angelo* – D’Angelo Technologies


Chair: Kirsten Walkup* – BIW
Vice Chair: Kaipo Crowell* – Kakou Professional Development

* To obtain an email address for this Panel Officer, please send all requests to NSRP