The Big Data Working Group was formed as a grassroots effort within the shipbuilding industry, in response to the need for the industry to begin understanding the impact of big data across the enterprise. The group is comprised of NSRP Extended Team Members and industry representatives whose back and expertise align with this issue. The focus of the group is to:

  • raise awareness across the industry and Navy through briefings and discussions at NSRP Panel Meetings, other industry events, as well as in the shipyards and Navy
  • educate and inform the decision makers
  • leverage the collaborative framework of NSRP, generate project ideas that will harness big data across the industry by:
    • integrating the user experience
    •  developing projects from end-user needs
    • utilizing cost-effective COTS (commercial, off-the-shelf software)
    • identifying unique relationships among data sets that may have previously gone unnoticed

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