The greatest portion of industry and government funding for NSRP is invested in R&D projects which fall into two categories: Panel Projects and Research Announcement (RA) projects. RA projects can run into the millions of dollars, are funded with both government monies and industry cost share and may last up to three years. Panel projects are lower cost and are of shorter duration.


Current R&D Project Solicitations

Panel Project Solicitation (CLOSED)

Research Announcement (CLOSED)


(Check Recent Project Awards for information on projects selected in response to the above solicitations)


Go to the NSRP Library for additional solicitation resources, including: Technology Investment Agreement (TIA), Proposal Preparation Kit (PPK), Cost Proposal Guidance, Panel Project Guide

Read below for more information on NSRP R&D Project Solicitations

Research Announcement Solicitations

Research Announcements (RAs) provide a method of contracting for research and development (R&D) based upon notices posted on Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) and the NSRP website and:

  • are general in nature
  • identify areas of research interest
  • indicate criteria for selecting proposals
  • solicit the participation of all offerors capable of meeting the objectives of NSRP
  • are issued when NSRP desires new and creative solutions to problem statements and/or advances in technologies, tools and processes.
  • are more flexible than other solicitation formats, (ex.,Requests for Proposals (RFPs) which require specific solutions or outcomes), allowing NSRP to state its objectives in general terms of need or interest

RA Proposal Submission and Selection

In addition to describing NSRP areas of R&D interest, the RA provides an overview of the proposal submission and selection process (outlined below), including submission deadlines:

  1. RA is issued; proposers begin developing summary proposals
  2. Summary Proposals are submitted to SCRA — a firm submission deadline is included in the Research Announcement and posted on the NSRP website
  3. Summary Proposals are reviewed by third-party subject matter experts, followed by an industry expert panel
  4. Executive Control Board reviews and selects portfolio for funding
  5. Proposals selected for funding submit to SCRA full Statements of Work, Technology Transfer Plans and Cost Proposals for technical and cost compliance
  6. Proposals which meet above-described requirements receive award

Panel Project Solicitations

The NSRP Executive Control Board (ECB) regularly allocates funding for a portfolio of projects which are solicited through the 11 NSRP Panel and meet the following criteria:

Duration: 12 months or less

Funding: $150K or less

Focus: should align with the mission of one or more NSRP Panels and the overall objectives of the Program.

Panel White Paper Submission and Selection

  1. Proposers submit white papers to Panel Chair
  2. Panel Members review and prioritize white papers
  3. Panel Chairs submit final white paper selection to SCRA
  4. SCRA reviews for technical and cost compliance
  5. Complete white paper portfolio is presented by the Panel Chairs (or their designees) to the Executive Control Board for selection and award