The goal of this project is to develop and study an ultra-heat resistant primer capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 800oF.  The primary use case to be investigated is behind insulation in habitable spaces with hot work performed on the opposite side of the bulkhead or overhead.


Modern modular shipbuilding construction methods allow surfaces to be prepared and coated early in the build cycle in controlled settings with excellent access.  Hot work performed later in the build cycle weakens the integrity of the original coating system and requires significant time-consuming touch-up work.

Landing bars may also be utilized used to avoid the masking and later paint touch-up process. However, these are structurally inefficient and represent significant time and cost to execute.

Key Deliverables / Benefits:

Using an ultra-heat resistant primer during vessel construction will remove the costs and risks associated with landing bars or other compensation methods at erection joints. It will also remove the costs for preparing and coating the backside of erection joints, along with any additional hot work made during the construction process. These advantages will significantly reduce cost and expedite vessel construction resulting in improved deliverables to the Navy.

On an LCS-class vessel, the direct costs of masking and later touch-up of overhead erection joints is 2200 hours, and the process can increase the build schedule by up to 4 months. There are additional knock on costs due to delaying the work of other trades. Landing bars are estimated to cost about $100 per linear foot.

Point of Contact:

Sean Smith | Fincantieri Marinette Marine | Sean.Smith@us.fincantieri.com


Surface Preparation & Coatings

Project Team:

  • Fincantieri Marinette Marine, Northern Coatings and Chemical Inc, Elinor Coatings LLC

March 2023 – March 2024