The project’s objective is to lower the Total Ownership Cost (TOC) of shipboard fiber optic systems by decreasing the acquisition costs of fiber optic cables, lower the installation cost by improving the cables’ ruggedness, and reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance by reducing the likelihood of in-service damage.  The project will provide more design options as new cable constructions are required, will lower the cost of these cables by eliminating steps of the manufacturing process, and will expand the potential manufacturing sources of supply.


The project will evaluate LSZH, low toxicity thermoplastic jacketing materials, determine their suitability for use in shipboard applications, and compare them to the crosslinked jackets currently in use. Comparison will be performed using commercial cables using the jacketing compound(s) under evaluation of similar size to the M85045 cables.  If no commercial cables will be available, part of the project will consist of building sample(s) with the jacket compound(s) under evaluation.

Key Deliverables / Benefits:

Benefits will include a lower TOC of ships’ construction, operation, and maintenance by providing design options for more robust fiber optic cables as well as allow for greater design flexibility as new cable constructions are added to the M85045. It will increase the manufacturing sources of supply and the selection of jacketing compounds that would be sustained if only crosslinked jackets could be used.

Point of Contact:

Giovanni Tomasi | RSL Fiber Systems |gptomasi@rslfibersystems.com


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Project Team:

  • RSL Fiber Systems

March 2023 – March 2024