The primary goal of this project is to research and develop the requirements and integration steps necessary to establish the foundational work related to the development of a scanning technology and the translation of the scanned data for the development of a laser peen forming (LPF) algorithm that can later be scalable to large ship structures.


This project will be conducted in a single phase of twelve months with two fundamental goals to iteratively research and demonstrate. The project team will laser peen form a small-scale sample into a complex geometry per a specification drawing, scan the part with a scanner, turn the scanned image (3D point cloud) into a solid drawing, and compare the result to expected drawing. Results of the scan vs drawing would then be provided for future LPF software development.

The project team will evaluate the benefits and ROI in using this foundational scalable scanning/laser peening capability in new construction and repairs of ships. The project will evaluate the feasibility and benefits to total ownership costs including production, maintenance, and repair.

Point of Contact:

Dr. Daniel Georgiadis | Hepburn and Sons, LLC | daniel.georgiadis@hepburnandsons.com


Major Initiative: Shipdesign Icon
Information, Design, & Integration


Project Team:

  • Hepburn and Sons, LLC
  • LSP Technologies
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • American Bureau of Shipping

April 2017- March 2018