The project will concentrate on the data for electrical systems and specifically MV panels however it will be expandable to other uses of the DTS technology such as machinery health monitoring, fire detection, and temperature monitoring of living spaces and storage areas, further reducing delivered ship operations and sustainment costs.


The fiber optic DTS technologies can have immediate applications on Navy ships to reduce Total Ownership Cost by detecting and clearly presenting actionable CBM data in real time from the DTS controllers on the control panels used to monitor and control electrical assets.  The DTS system can collect data from the electrical assets and display it on the Electrical Plant Control Panel (EPCP) or other control and monitoring system, allowing the operator to rapidly assess the conditions of the electrical components and eliminating the need for periodic physical inspection.

Key Deliverables / Benefits:

To provide electrical system health data in real time and identify the exact locations of the devices and the specific connections in the device requiring maintenance as well as to reduce maintenance costs by detecting abnormal conditions before damage to conductors occurs.

Point of Contact:

Giovanni Tomasi | RSL Fiber Systems |gptomasi@rslfibersystems.com


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Project Team:

  • RSL Fiber Systems

March 2023 – March 2024