Formed in 2014, the NSRP-SNAME Working Group is comprised of NSRP Extended Team members, SNAME representatives and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) representatives. The focus of this group is identify opportunities for NSRP, SNAME and ABS that target common objectives.

The SNAME Working Group has successfully updated and published the following guides:

  • 3-43 Guide for Propulsion Reduction Gear Installation and Alignment
  • 3-47 Guide to Sea Trials
  • Bulletin 3-39 (1985) Guide for Shop and Installation Tests
  • Bulletin 3-15 (1964) Guide to the Design and Testing of Anchor Windlasses for Merchant Ships
  • Bulletin 3-37 (1983) and Supplement (2001) Design Guide for Shipboard Airborne Noise Control