NSRP ASE - an Applied Research Program Reducing Ship Construction and Repair Costs

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NSRP Mission

  • Manage and focus national shipbuilding and ship repair research and development funding on technologies and processes that will reduce the total ownership cost of ships for the U.S. Navy, other national security customers and the commercial sector and develop and leverage best commercial and naval practices to improve the efficiency of the U.S. shipbuilding and ship repair Industry.
  • Provide a collaborative framework to improve shipbuilding-related technical and business processes.
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Executive Control Board Awards New Round of R&D Projects 

VADM Hilarides (COMNAVSEA) and RDML Kearney (SEA06) attend 4th NSRP Day @ NAVSEA

All-Panel Meeting 2015 - -- registration now open!
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All-Panel Meeting 2015 Program News and Information
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Extended Team Strategic Investment Plan Organization and Operations Manual

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