The Workforce Panel reflects a recent merger of the Workforce Development Panel and the Environmental, Health and Safety Panel. As such, its mission includes the scope of each of the prior panels. It includes reducing the cost of shipbuilding and ship repair and adopting best practices through projects centered on improving the industry’s workforce development ecosystem, maximizing training efficiency and effectiveness, and developing technologies to solve workforce challenges. It also includes researching, developing, and sustaining current and emerging environmental, health and safety issues to promote and improve health and safety, wellness, and environmental stewardship of industry communities.

Focus Areas (under development):

  1. Attract, retain and continually develop a competent and motivated workforce (pathway for craft skills development; workforce development pipeline)
  2. Improve the effectiveness and reduce the training time for knowledge capture and training transfer
  3. Eliminate workplace injuries and improve workforce well-being
  4. Develop new and leverage existing technologies to enhance health, safety, and environmental factors and/or reduce costs associated with compliance

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