Panel Scope

  • Welding and other material joining technologies.
  • Inspection methods that may be used to determine the acceptance of a weld.
  • Pre/post welding process technologies (i.e. PWHT and other processes).

Panel Focus Areas

  • Investigate technology to improve welding productivity.
  • Investigate technology to improve welding quality.
  • Research in reducing distortion and residual stress.
  • Technology for weld processes.
  • Technology for welding procedures.
  • Technology for welding equipment, power sources, end effectors, and delivery mechanisms.
  • Technology for welding inspection.
  • Development of welding filler materials and gases.
  • Research for base material developments for welding efficiency, plate, pipe, castings, forgings).
  • Software for weld data collection, weld processes, weld procedures.
  • Tools and fixtures for both material preparation, fitting and welding.
  • Research in design details for adequate ship performance and weld producibility.
  • Support new technology for ship hull construction and pipe systems.
  • Robotic applications for ship construction.
  • Support all welding technology that might eventually lead to a future development even though there is no immediate application.
  • Guidance for welding engineering development.
  • Guidance for welder training for production.
  • Research methods to reduce rework.
  • Investigate process limitations and capabilities.

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