The NSRP Teaming Board below was developed to assist potential proposers identify potential team members that may be interested in/aligned with their project ideas. Individuals and organizations looking for NSRP R&D partnerships are encouraged to regularly check back to view the latest postings.

The NSRP Teaming Board is comprised of posts from potential proposers for the most recent solicitations. Posts include brief project information, as well as proposers’ contact information — Use the Teaming Form to submit your project idea.



ATI reserves the right to refuse posting messages on the NSRP Teaming Board which:

  • contain obscene or otherwise innappropriate language
  • are obvious product advertisements
  • may contain proprietary or otherwise confidential business/trade secret information

Neither NSRP, nor ATI

  • endorses or recommends any product or service provided, or to be provided, by any of the organizations or individuals posted herein, or their successors, assignees, or licensees;
  • endorses or recommends any organization or individuals themselves posted therein;
  • assumes any liability or errors in posted notices.

Further whether a notice is posted or not posted herein will have no impact or eligibility for NSRP funding.