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Project Ideas

Currently there are no fast, cost-effective techniques for qualification of components produced by additive manufacturing (AM). Thorough qualification is particularly important for high reliability, high cost components. Current post-process qualification of finished parts (for example, by x-ray CT) slows down processing and can result in costly repairs or even scrapping of the finished part.  Hence, in-situ qualification is needed that finds defects during production. In-situ inspection would enable process control to reduce or eliminate defect production. We propose to demonstrate the feasibility of applying laser ultrasonic testing to inspect each deposited layer in real time, to ensure qualified finished parts that require no further testing. We will work with shipyards to select specific high value components. Samples will be requested in the form of interrupted builds. We will create calibrated artificial defects in the form of EDM holes. We will test the resulting samples and develop signal processing algorithms to maximize the defect sensitivity. We will demonstrate the detection of critical defects in the selected samples. We will develop a conceptual design for an inspection system that can be integrated into a production machine.

Marvin Klein

Intelligent Optical Systems

The Y-12 Knowledge Preservation Management (KPM) system allows for the capture, management, and access of operations information, and provides on-demand web-based video content of operations with support content from Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), dynamic process maps, procedures, work instructions, and training/apprentice content.  KPM also captures retirees’ knowledge via transcript enabled videotaped interviews.  Users only have access to content based upon their Need-to-Know (NTK).  Authorized content is accessed by advanced search using video data mining.  KPM delivers this information to the operator on the factory floor, or in their office, providing a complete on-demand knowledge management and training capability.

Dennis Miller

Y-12 National Security Complex

The AMUET technology is an advanced wireless IOT cybersecured Model-based enterprise platform related to all types of electrical cables/panels (copper, antenna, high speed, optical, control panels) panels that has the ability to:  1. manage in real-time the production and installation of all electrical cables/panels  2. create manufacturing and installation documents using existing shipyards database  3. accelerate the manufacturing of electrical cables/panels  4. accelerate the installation and quality control testing of electrical cables/panels  5. troubleshoot with distance to fault of electrical problem spinoff of acronym stands for Advanced Mobile Universal Electrical Tooling as a spinoff integration which has been evaluated in different configuration by Austal (NSRP project)

Alain Lussier