Panel Scope

  • Research, evaluate, develop, and sustain current and emerging technologies that will reduce cost and maintain or enhance quality for coatings and corrosion control of new construction shipbuilding and repair of U. S. Navy and commercial ships.
  • Engage the suppliers, applicators, and specifiers of preservation systems to improve processes, reduce costs, and streamline production to deliver ship’s that satisfy customer life-cycle requirements.
  • Facilitate panels meetings to encourage broad participation by including; meetings collocated with member facilities; meetings coincident with other conferences/seminars attended by members; and provide video teleconferencing.

Panel Focus Areas

  • Reduce preservation process cost while maintaining or enhancing quality.
  • Maintain a teaming relationship with NAVSEA 05 (Tech Warrant Holder) & NAVSEA 04 (Public Shipyards, Regional Maintenance Centers and local Supervisors of Shipbuilding).
  • Focus on ship preservation: surface preparation, coatings and corrosion control technologies
  • Focus on processes, work-practices, and “people” to streamline preservation work.
  • Partner with the Work Force Development Panel on whitepaper projects so that a successful implementation strategy is always one of the deliverables.
  • Create an alliance to establish continuous process improvement in the IMO PSPC with our global coating community partners.

Panel Officers

Upcoming Panel Meetings

Surface Preparation and Coatings Projects

Panel Project Solicitation

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