Area of Interest



NSRP Shipyard Delegate Sarah Bramson 207-442-3801
Business Technologies Michael Gerardi 207-442-1396
Electrical Technologies  Greg Stevens 207-442-5870
Environmental  Deborah Nadeau 207-442-1274
Planning, Production Processes & Facilities Drew Anderson 207-442-5135
Risk Management Dan Ferguson 207-442-1052
Safety & Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)  Deborah Nadeau 207-442-1274
Workers Comp Committee  Dan Ferguson  207-442-1052
Ship Design & Material Technologies  Kate Beaumont 207-442-5745
Ship Warfare Systems Integration  Nat Bedford  207-442-4910
Surface Preparation & Coatings Robert Cloutier 207-442-2031
Welding Technology  Nick Evans 207-442-2882
Workforce Development  Cynthia Lobikis 207-442-5622

* To obtain email addresses for extended team members, please send all requests to NSRP.