Area of Interest



NSRP Shipyard Delegate  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554 X 5321
Business Processes  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554
Electrical Technologies  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554
Environmental  Jodi Satchez  985-532-2554
Information Technologies  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554
Planning, Production Processes & Facilities  Barry Matherne  985-532-2554
Risk Management    
Safety & Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)   Jodi Satchez  985-532-2554
Workers Comp Committee    
Ship Design & Material Technologies  Cathy Clement  985-532-2554
Ship Warfare Systems Integration  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554
Surface Preparation & Coatings  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554
Welding Technology  Barry Matherne  985-532-2554
Workforce Development  Brent Tompkins  985-532-2554

* To obtain email addresses for extended team members, please send all requests to NSRP.