Panel Scope

NSRP’s major focus areas that map to the Ship Design and Material Technologies (SDMT) Panel are:

  • Promotion of Modular Construction
  • Reduction of Re-work
  • Improving Production Engineering
  • Improving Specifications and Standards
  • Improving Integration of Shipboard Warfare Systems
  • Reduction of Total Ownership Costs

Panel Focus Areas

In addition to the NSRP major focus areas, the SDMT Panel will focus more specifically in the following areas:

  • Improving technologies in early ship design.
  • Improving integration of all shipboard systems and undefined mission systems during design.
  • Improvement of design technologies, including design and analysis tools, to reduce costs in production engineering and construction.
  • Investigate material technologies to improve material performance, standardization, and overall material processes while reducing part count and total ownership costs during all phases of ship design and construction.
  • Reduction of re-work in all areas of ship design and construction.
  • Improving specifications and standards and investigating new technologies that can be incorporated into Rules or technical requirements documents for both commercial and naval shipbuilding programs.
  • Collaborate and partner with other NSRP panels on topics and initiatives that encompass the other panel focus areas.

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