The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) has released a Panel Project Solicitation for R&D white papers. The accompanying Panel Project Guide contains details on the white paper review and selection process as well as contracting requirements and formatting guidelines.

Solicitation  Panel Project Guide


NOTE: For proposers that intend to submit the same project to multiple panels: please notify the affected panel chairs as soon as possible.

The deadline for proposers to submit white papers to Panel Chairs and ATI is 12:00pm ET on August 12, 2019.

The deadline for Panel Chairs to submit their reviewed and selected white papers and signed verification letter from their respective panels is 12:00pm ET on September 5, 2019.

The NSRP Executive Control Board (ECB) regularly allocates funding for a portfolio of projects which are solicited through the 9 NSRP Panel and meet the following criteria:

Duration: 12 months or less

Funding: $150K or less

Focus: Should align with the mission of one or more NSRP Panels and the overall objectives of the Program.

Participation: At least one member shipyard should be a project participant– multiple shipyard participation is strongly encouraged

Panel White Paper Submission and Selection

  1. Proposers submit white papers to Panel Chair
  2. Panel Members review and prioritize white papers
  3. Panel Chairs submit final white paper selection to ATI
  4. ATI reviews for technical and cost compliance
  5. Complete white paper portfolio is presented by the Panel Chairs (or their designees) to the Executive Control Board for selection and award