NSRP Operations are formulated through the NSRP collaborative framework as outlined below:

  1. The shipbuilding industry and Navy stakeholders provide recommendations on consensus priority issues, as related to the Programā€™s mission and objectives
  2. Recommendations provide the basis for the Strategic Investment PlanĀ (SIP),Ā which forms the Program framework
  3. The Strategic Investment Plan directs the project submission, selection and execution processĀ and also defines relevant Ad Hoc Initiatives.
  4. Projects and Ad Hoc Initiatives are carried out within the industry through:
    • execution of projects
    • dissemination of project results (through NSRP Panel Meetings, demonstrations, workshops, updates on the NSRP website, industry conferences and other venues)
    • transition of tools, technologies and processesĀ developed under NSRP to the shipbuilding industry.
  5. Project results are relayed to Navy and industry stakeholders, who incorporate the results with their recommendations.

Click through to the Organization and Operations Manual (coming soon)Ā for further details.