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As illustrated above and described in the Strategic Investment Plan, there are four overarching, integrally connected major initiatives that tie the strategic vision of the Program to proposed industry research through collaborative R&D and other mechanisms:

  • Business Processes & Information Technologies: 

    Addresses the collection, use, storage and exchange of data related to all aspects of the shipbuilding enterprise, including all business processes required to acquire and transform raw materials into a quality, optimal-cost product.

  • Infrastructure & Support: 

    Addresses overhead functions that support shipbuilding and repair processes to achieve safe, high-quality, environmentally responsible and productive work.

  • Ship Design & Material Technologies:

    Implement cost reduction initiatives across the complete spectrum of design processes (conceptual to detailed) and the use of advanced materials to support the rapid and efficient development, construction, sustainment, and disposal of the next generation of vessels.

  • Ship Production Technologies: 

    The Ship Production Technologies major initiative addresses the fabrication and assembly phases of ship production including the planning and organizational structure (facilities) that support those phases.

These areas are derived from both the basic organizational structure of a shipyard, the NSRP Program and the incorporation of the focus areas as outlined in the Strategic Investment Plan.

Major Initiative Leadership

The Major Initiatives are led by Team Leads and Assistant Leads, who:

  • are from NSRP member yards
  • are nominated by the Executive Control Board
  • provide technical oversight on projects aligned with their Major Initiatives
  • provide input and recommendations on key elements of the Program.

The Program also has a bench of Major Initiative Team Leads-at-Large, individuals who are not aligned with a particularly Major Initiative but who perform the same duties.

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