For more than 75 years, the more than 12,000 employees of Ingalls Shipbuilding facilities have pioneered the development and production of technologically advanced, highly capable warships for the surface Navy fleet, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, and foreign and commercial customers.

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Extended Team Members

Executive Control Board Representative: Dave Belanger

NSRP Shipyard Delegate: John Walks

Major Initiative Team Leads

Infastructure & Support: Shawn Wilkerson

At Large: John Walks

Panel Chairs

Ship Warfare Systems Integration: Perry Haymon

Electrical Technologies: Jason Farmer

Business Technologies: Jamie Breakfield

Welding Technology: Kevin Roossinck (Vice Chair)

Technical POCs

Current Projects

  • Learning¬†and Development Innovation¬†(Lead)
  • Flux Cored Welding Electrode for Welding HY100 and HSLA100 (Lead)
  • Investigation of Low Temperature Transformation Wires for Plate Distortion Reduction (Lead)
  • Universal Primer and Surface Preparation Process (Lead)
  • Computer Aided Robotic Welding (CAR-W) (Participant)
  • Laser Peening of Ship Structures for Reduce Production Costs (Participant)

Recent Projects

  • Flexible Interface for Automated Circuit Tester for Level 1 Testing (Lead)
  • Autogenous Pipe Welding (Lead)
  • Standardized Welding Curriculum and Testing for Shipyards (Lead)
  • Benefit Assessment and Development of Standard Drawings for Interface to the Flexible Infrastructure Deck Track System (Participant)


For more information on these and other projects, click through to Project Portfolio