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Demos and Displays at SNAME Maritime Convention (Virtual)

October 1, 2020 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

This year’s Demos and Displays at the SNAME Maritime Convention is virtual!

Register here for the convention.

See below a list of Virtual Demos and Displays of Panel and RA Projects from NSRP.

RA Projects:

Booth 10.
Mixed Reality System for Real-Time Construction Problem Resolution (MINERVA)

Booth 11.
Robotic Arc Directed Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing for Shipbuilding

Booth 12.
Supply Chain Integrity – Blockchain for Smart Contracts

Booth 13.
Onboard Ship Integration of Laser Peening System for Lasting Aluminum Repairs
Research & Develop Insulated Bus Pipe (IBP) Standard Interface to Naval Electrical Equipment

Booth 14.
Advanced Development and Implementation of the High Mobility Manufacturing Robot

Booth 15.
Fatigue Analysis of Swaged Bulkheads

Booth 16.
Tele Welding – Remote Operation of Shipyard Welding (and other) Equipment

Booth 17.
Laser Scan to CAD Analysis
On-Board Ship 3-D Environment
Minimum Standardized Content to Enable a Navy Digital Enterprise

Booth 18.

Booth 19.
Qualification Testing of Insulated Bus Pipe (IBP) for Shipboard Introduction

Booth 20.
Welding Smart Camera “In the Torch” Project
Advanced Knowledge Provisioning Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR) for Ship Repair

Panel Projects:

Booth 1.
Business Technologies Panel: (1) Structural Interface for Automated Compliance Checking; (2) Express Marine

Booth 2.
Electrical Technologies: (1) Advanced Topside Lighting System & (2) Shipboard Cable Trays

Booth 3.
Environmental, Health, & Safety Panel: Navy Tank Study for Robotics Application

Booth 4.
Planning, Production Processes, & Facilities Panel: Applications of Targetless Photogrammetry for Facilities and Close Range Metrology

Booth 5.
Ship Design & Materials Technologies Panel: (1) Simulation Workflow Development for Additive Manufacturing & (2) ASTM F1387 Testing for Mechanically Attached Fittings

Booth 6.
Ship Warfare Systems Integration Panel: (1) Fusion Splice Enclosure at Equipment & (2) TRITON Dynamic Network Paradigm: Analysis and Demonstration & (3) Electrical Connector Standardization

Booth 7.
Surface Preparation & Coatings Panel: (1) Standardization and Digitization of Visual Inspection for Shipbuilding and Repair, (2) Survey of Surface Preparation and Coatings Automation, & (3) Optimize Power Tool Surface Preparation

Booth 8.
Welding Technology Panel: (1) Multi-factor Monitoring of Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding Applications, (2) Validate a Testing Protocol to Establish the Maximum Heat Input for Welding S-1 Series Carbon Steels with Toughness Requirements, & (3) Deep Penetration Laser-GMAW Welding

Booth 9.
Workforce Development Panel: (1) Certificate Program: Shipyard Industry Surface Prep and Coating Training, (2) Build Your Future (BYF): Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Works!, (3) Certificate Program – Shipyard Industry Marine Designer, & (4) Certificate Program – Shipyard Industry Manufacturing Technician Training


October 1, 2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
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Caroline Mueller