Panel Scope

  • Provide a public forum for Research & Development teams to share ideas with their peers and support emerging technologies, and allows technologies to be easily transferred and implemented across the industry.
  • Address the integrated and collaborative environment of the product definition that is shared across the shipbuilding enterprise. This environment provides for rapid, seamless and affordable disclosure of products from concept to disposal.
  • Provide strategic approach for cooperative development, transition and use of all product information in the product lifecycle and ship lifecycle.
  • Provide strategic approach for the aggregation, analysis and application of data across the shipbuilding lifecycle: both product and process data.

Panel Focus Areas

  • Business Processes – support the shipyards’ mission, vision, and goals
  • Information Flows and Relationships – analyzes the information utilized by the organization in its business processes, identifying the information exchange used and the movement of the information
  • Application – identifies, defines, and organizes the activities that capture, manipulate, and manage the business information to support mission operations
  • Data Description – identifies how data is maintained, accessed, and used
  • Technology Infrastructure – describes and identifies the physical layer including, the functional characteristics, capabilities, and interconnections of the hardware, software, and communications, including networks, protocols, and nodes
  • Model Based Engineering – a fully integrated and collaborative environment founded on 3D model based product definition constructed and shared across the enterprise to enable the deployment of products from concept through delivery.

2020 NSRP Business Technologies Road Map

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