Research Announcement 15-01

  • HiDEP Process for Fabrication of Low-Weight T-Stiffeners with Near Zero Weld Distortion for Shipbuilding
  • CAR-W Production Scanning & Multi-Robot Capability Enhancements
  • Digital Deadweight Survey
  • Welding Application Development for High Mobility Manufacturing Robot
  • Improving Workforce Development Initiatives Using Augmented Reality Technology
  • Ship Structural Design Optimization for Improved Producibility and Enhanced Life-Cycle Performance

Panel Projects 2016

  • ROXTEC Resilient Mechanical Bulkhead Pipe Transits for Navy Applications
  • Flexible Infrastructure Bulkhead Track Improvements
  • Distributed Temperature Sensing for Inspection of Electrical Panels on Navy Ships
  • Retention of Type VI Epoxy under UHS Epoxy
  • Commodity Variation and Standardization Analysis on Navy 525 Valves
  • Power Panel and Breaker Commonality
  • Improving the 3D Cad-to-FEM Interface for Shipbuilding Needs
  • Mechanical Property and Fabrication Cost Comparison for Purchased HFRW Structural Shapes vs GMAW Fabricated Structural Shapes
  • “DeepTIG” Wire for Improved Pipe Welding
  • Partial Blast of Ultra Solids Coated Tanks Phase II
  • Development for a Requirements Framework for the Fabrication and Inspection of Naval Parts Using Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • High Deposition Out of Position Mechanized GMAW-Pulse
  • 3-D Vision for Welder Training and Production Welding
  • Laser Surface Cleaning
  • Advanced Composite False-Deck Material Systems for Rapid Modular Compartment Reconfiguration
  • Providing Shipbuilding Suppliers with Digital Design and Manufacturing Information
  • Develop Common Supplier Technical Assessment Criteria and Scoring Methodology

Research Announcement 14-01

  • Development of HiDep Welding Processes and Butt and T-fillet Joints
  • Mitigation of Stress Corrosion, Cracking, Cavitation Erosion and Forming Complex Shapes
  • Reduction of Total Ownership Costs (R-TOC) through Application of Design for Maintenance
  • 3 Views to 3D
  • Standardization of Watertight Closures

Panel Projects 2015

  • Fiber Optic Testing Enhancement for Cost Reduction
  • High-Speed, High Quality Welding of Copper Nickel Pipe Joints
  • Improvement to the Supply Base Oversight Program
  • Grounding for Adhesive Outfitting
  • Improving Technical Welding Education Using Real-Time Sensory Feedback
  • Develop Long Stroke Servo Electric Hand Gun for Stud Welding
  • Qualification of Alternative Structures
  • Implementation of Robust Functional Paperless Paint
  • Cost Efficient Aluminum Welder Performance Qualification Testing
  • Preparation for the Evaluation of the Boomlift Carried Environmental Enclosure
  • Variant Reduction for Shipboard Installed Connectors
  • Develop Process for Virtual Shelf, NSRP Common Parts Catalog and NNS Parts Catalog System Data Integration
  • Deep Dive on Vaneaxial Fans Intended for Naval Shipboard Use NSRP Commonality Working Group and NAVSEA
  • Digital Deadweight Survey Project
  • Advanced Mobile Test Platform to Accelerate the Installation of Electrical Harnesses and Support Sustainment of Electrical Systems in Ships
  • Improved Methods for Bonding and Grounding
  • Thermal Spray Coating of 5xxx Aluminum
  • Risk Management Ventilation Project
  • Paradigm for Optical Networks in Ships: Flexible Communications Infrastructure

Research Announcement 13-01

  • LifeCycle Integrated Data Environment
  • Laser Peening of Ship Structures to Reduce Production Costs
  • Learning and Development Innovation
  • spARky Reducing Wiring Costs using 3D Model and Augmented Reality
  • Computer Aided Robotics Welding (CAR-W)

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