NSRP projects are executed through the collaborative framework of the Program.  Program Technical Representatives (PTR), working with the project teams and ATI, play a key role in project execution. PTRs are authorized to provide neutral project technical oversight and approve project deliverables, assist with technology transfer and implementation and participate in project review meetings.

PTRs are typically selected from the NSRP Extended Team — Major Initiative Team Leads for Research Announcement Projects and Panel Chair for Panel Projects.

PTR Responsibilities

  • Pre-Kickoff of Projects: Participate in negotiation of Statements of Work (SOW) and associated milestones
  • Monitor project progress
  • Compliance with SOWs
  • Monitor project deliverable schedule and ensure project teams are submitting deliverables per the schedule
  • Review deliverables for quality and content to warrant payment
  • Ensure that the project aligns with the overall Program Mission and the goals and objectives of the Strategic Investment Plan throughout the life of the project
  • Provide recommendations to the Executive Control Board, including
    • Extensions
    • Scope changes
    • Go/No-Go to next phase