NSRP ASE - an Applied Research Program Reducing Ship Construction and Repair Costs

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About NSRP

The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) is a collaboration of U.S. Shipyards that focuses on common issues with a goal of reducing the cost of acquiring, operating and maintaining Navy ships through: manufacturing best practices, government and industry collaboration, breakthrough technologies and processes, and rapid and widespread implementation.

The Strategic Investment Plan is built upon these core ideas and serves as the guiding R&D roadmap for the Program.

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Executive Control Board Awards over $2M for New Round of R&D Projects 

VADM Hilarides (COMNAVSEA) and RDML Kearney (SEA06) attend 4th NSRP Day @ NAVSEA

SNAME Maritime Convention -- schedule posted
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SNAME Maritime Convention Program News and Information
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Extended Team Strategic Investment Plan Organization and Operations Manual

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