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NSRP Executive Control Board Selects R&D Project Portfolio

The Executive Control Board of the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) has selected nine major research and development projects for award, as part of the Program's continuing mission to reduce costs associated with U. S. shipbuilding and ship repair. These new projects, valued at approximately $12 million in both Navy funding and industry cost share, were among those proposed in response to a June 2012 Research Announcement.

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Excel version RA1101 Projects

Title All Platform Affordable LED (APALED) Lighting
Team Energy Focus, Inc.| Ingalls Shipbuilding | Electric Boat | University of Akron


Develop, build and test an all-platform light-emitting diode (APALED) lighting system, with the goal of creating a “New Best” solution for replacement of the Navy’s 2-bulb fluorescent fixture.

Title Evaluation of Integrated Cold Electrode (ICE) Welding Technology for Enhanced Productivity and Distortion Reduction

BMT Fleet Technology Limited | Marinette Marine | NASSCO | ESAB | American Bureau of Shipping | Defence R&D Canada | Government of Canada IRAP


Utilize recent technological advancements in integrated cold electrode (ICE) technology to improve productivity rates and reduce the construction costs of both commercial and naval vessels in US shipyards.

Title Reducing Cost of Welder Training via Intelligent Video Tools
Team Bollinger Shipyards | Vigor Shipyards | Newport News Shipbuilding | Visible Welding | Applied Thermal Sciences


Develop and demonstrate a cost-effective, real-time, arc-tracking video system that will improve the speed and effectiveness of welder training and qualification, increase first-time success in qualification testing, and reduce overall costs.

Title Open Architecture System Design for Modularity

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems | NASSCO


Develop a conceptual design and implementation plan for Electronic Modular Enclosures (EMEs) with application to medium to small ships  (LCS, LSD, OPC) during new construction and modernization activities.


Improved Advanced Watertight Door Finalization Program


Penn State Applied Research Laboratory | Marinette Marine | AERO NAV Laboratories | Southwest Research Institute


Develop a commercially available product from the prototype Improved Advanced Watertight Door (IAWD), through the completion of remaining qualification tests and drawing packages.


Improved GMAW on Primed Steels Aluminum and Cupro-Nickel Alloys


Applied Thermal Sciences, Inc. | Vigor Shipyards | NASSCO | Bollinger Shipyards


Develop improved parameter sets for shipyard applications of Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW-P)  to allow higher quality and higher speed welding.

Title Implementation of Sustainment Technologies for the Ohio Replacement Class Submarine to Reduce Total Ownership Cost and Increase Operational Availability
Team Electric Boat | Penn State Applied Research Laboratory

Design an imbedded submarine performance and health management systems for components common to Virginia and Ohio Replacement Submarines with the goal of reducing total ownership cost of the submarine fleet.

Title Development of National Maritime Welder Training Program

Bollinger Shipyards | Ingalls Shipbuilding | BAE Systems SE Shipyard | Electric Boat | NASSCO | CDA Technical Institute | Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College | American Welding Society | Edison Welding Institute | Gatekey Engineering | Hepinstall Consulting Group | Vicky Dlugokecki | National Association of Manufacturers


The objective of this project is to improve the quality of welder education by working with a consortium of Gulf Coast area institutions to develop a “stackable” certificate program that provides growth opportunities and accurately addresses welder training issues in the shipbuilding and maritime industries.

Title HiDep Weld Tfillet and Butt Weld Development

Bollinger Shipyards | Electric Boat | Ingalls Shipbuilding | Gunderson Shipbuilding | N.A. Tech, Inc.| Gatekey Engineering | Miller Electric Company | Hobart Brothers Company

Objective Utilize computer modeling of the heat flow and weld shape to design and develop induction coils, with the goal of reduced distortion and rework and increased welding speed and productivity.

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