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NSRP Executive Control Board Awards $2.5M for 19 R&D Projects

On October 16, 2013, the NSRP Executive Control Board (ECB) selected 19 new R&D projects as part of the Program's core mission to reduce the costs associated with Navy shipbuilding and repair. The projects, totaling approximately $2.5M, will be executed through the NSRP. 2014 panel project -- excel version
  Electrical Technologies  

Low Voltage Quick Connector Evaluation

Bath Iron Works | Newport News Shipbuilding | Bollinger Shipyards


Gain an understanding of the types of designs used on ship programs with respect to low voltage connections for such things as control panel termination boxes. Investigate what is used in the commercial shipbuilding industry and determine what products could be tested for a cursory performance evaluation. Consider how current programs could benefit by using other types of products that serve similar functions.

electrical technologies  

Flexible Interface for Automated Circuit Tester for Level 1 Testing

Ingalls Shipbuilding | D'Angelo Technologies (D5T)


Develop concepts for rapidly adapting the cable under test to the circuit tester. The concept options will be evaluated and a prototype will be manufactured to demonstrate the flexibility of the concept to adapt the cable under test to the automated tester without the need to fabricate unique adapter assemblies (i.e., jumpers) for each type of connector tested.


Control Technology Comparison for Heavy Metals Removal from Shipyard Storm Water Runoff

Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS) | Ingalls Shipbuilding


Evaluate multiple control technologies for removing metals and other contaminants in storm water runoff below permit limits; Expand on data and observations from previous sponge technology project to improve setup, sampling techniques, and use of other control technologies to reduce costs.


Develop a Data Management Application (Emissions Tracker) to Reduce Labor and Increase Accuracy in the Regulatory Reporting of Environmental Emissions

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) | Data Dynamics | HII-Ingalls | BAE SE Shipyards


Reduce labor associated with developing the air emissions reports required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the development of the Emissions Tracker application, which would automatically extract and prepare data in the appropriate format to support regulatory reporting.

  Information Technologies  

Requirements for a Shipbuilding Drawingless Environment

Newport News Shipbuilding | Ingalls Shipbuilding | Electric Boat | Siemens PLM


An extension of the Product Model Driven Weld Management RA project, the goal of this project is to move shipbuilding technology from a product centric (2D, hard-copy drawing) environment to a data centric (3D product model), drawingless environment.

Information Technolgoies  
  Planning, Production Processes & Facilities   

Modular Scaffolding for Block Outfitting



To improve scaffolding methods to reduce installation costs and provide access for all trades within one work shift, while maintaining a safe work environment.

planning, production processes and facilities  

Validation of Analysis Methods for Padeye Attachment Under Dynamic Loading through Destructive Testing

NASSCO | San Diego State University


To expand upon the recently completed panel project, Validation of Analysis Methods for Padeyes through Destructive Testing by developing data for dynamic, multi-plane loading.

  Risk Management   

Metals in Paint Analysis Using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Golder Associates


To develop a functional method to measure lead, chromium, and cadmium levels used in maritime paint during shipbuilding and repair activities utilizing an onsite, real-time sampling method in contrast to the current method of sending samples to a laboratory.

risk management  

Noise Control for Portable Ventilation Blowers

Atrium Environmental Health and Safety Services | Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center | The Noise Consultancy | Newport News Shipbuilding | Electric Boat


To determine what practical measures may be applied to offer effective noise reduction in the use of Portable Ventilation Blowers (PVBs).

  Ship Design & Material Technologies   

Outfit Attachments on Thin Plate Vessels



To review and benchmark current requirements, standards, and shipbuilding practices for attaching outfit parts to lightweight structures in an effort to optimize pre-outfit levels for outfit attachments on thin scantling vessels.

ship design and material  
  Surface Prep & Coatings   

Reducing Inspection Costs Using the Latest Digital Inspection Tools

Elcometer | Newport News Shipbuilding | BAE Systems- Southeast Shipyards | Ingalls Shipbuilding | NASSCO-Earl Industries | NAVSEA 05P


Quantify efficiencies of each method and calculate cost savings with a goal of reducing inspection time; reducing paperwork generation time; reducing or eliminating erroneous readings and non-conformances due to user error; reducing or eliminating transcription errors; and reducing audit time by highlighting non-conformances in a Paperless QA format.

surface preparation and coatings  

Robust Functional Paperless Paint Phase II, Future State Implementation

BAE Systems | Marinette Marine | TruQC | Elzly Technologies


Update the existing Robust Functional Paperless paint software system that has been designed to populate the Navy Standard Item 009-32 appendices.


Cost Savings Comparison in Application of Polysiloxane vs. Silicone Alkyd Topcoats

Bath Iron Works | Marinette Marine, Elzly Technology | Pittsburgh Paint Group (PPG | International Paint (IP) | Sherwin-Williams (SW)


Compare the Polysiloxane coating systems to current new construction specification for cost effectiveness, durability during and extended shipyard industrial environment. Provide test data relative to the three major coating manufacturers over a variety of substrates and surface preparations.

  Ship Warfare Systems Integration   

Standardized Foundations Database for Combat Systems

Ingalls Shipbuilding


To develop a database of pre-qualified foundations in Navy ships. This database is to streamline and to reduce the complexity of the shipboard foundation design and construction in naval surface combatants.

ship warfare systems integration  

Ship Warfare Systems Interface Descriptions

D'Angelo Technologies | Ingalls Shipbuilding | BAE Systems- Southeast Shipyards


To develop design guidelines and strategies which designers and manufacturers can use to incorporate common hardware interfaces for ship warfare systems upgrades and new system designs.


Copper and Fiber Optic Test Equipment Integration into Shipyard Processes

BAE Ship Repair | kSARIA | Raytheon | Lockheed Martin | Gibbs & Cox


The intent of this panel project is to leverage industry and government efforts performed to date to identify and deploy technologies to shipyards and combat systems developers that will reduce the time to terminate and test cables.

  Welding Technology   

Development and Evaluation of ICE Welding Procedures for Thick Plate

BMT Fleet Technology Limited (BMT) | Newport News Shipbuilding | Ingalls Shipbuilding | NASSCO | American Bureau of Shipping


Determine if the ICE process can greatly increase weld metal deposition rates compared to conventional submerged arc welded techniques, without increasing heat input, and while eliminating back gouging operations.


Survey of Small (< 3" NPS) Valve Welding Techniques to Protect Heat Damageable Material

Newport News Shipbuilding


Perform test on valves under 3" NPS to evaluate the effects of heat through the valve bodies during welding fabrication. Survey shipyards to learn of their problems and solutions. Best practices of all shipyards for valve welding will be reviewed and compiled into a filterable document and improved welding processes will be shared with the shipyards.


Autogenous Pipe Welding

Ingalls Shipbuilding | Edison Welding Institute


Develop a technical and business case for the successful use of autogenous Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) of pipe for shipbuilding applications.



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