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As illustrated in the chart below, the eleven panels are aligned with the four major initiatives and are the working groups of NSRP. Each panel elects a chair and vice-chair who lead and coordinate the panel activities. As with the Major Initiative Team Leaders, the Panel Chairs also provide input and recommendations on key elements of the Program.

Panel Meetings

The core focus of the panels is open interaction with the industry at large, as well as with government representatives and members of academia engaged in their respective functional areas. This interaction is accomplished primarily through open meetings held throughout the year. These meetings serve a critical role within the Program by providing a public forum for industry-wide networking, technology transfer and discussion of current Navy and industry areas of interest. The Events page contains details on upcoming panel meetings. Presentations from recent panel meetings are also available.

Panel Projects

Panel meeting discussions regularly reveal project opportunities that are not well suited for funding via the Research Announcement solicitation process, yet are important to the shipbuilding industry. The Executive Control Board (ECB) typically sets aside a modest amount of money each year to fund a portfolio of projects that are more panel-specific, smaller in scope and of shorter duration (relative to Research Announcement projects), which are recommended by the Panel Chairs recommend to the ECB. Further details on Panel Project Solicitations can be found on the Solicitation page.

For current and completed panel projects, go to the Project Portfolio.

Panel Structure (Boxes in below graphic are linked to corresponding webpages)

NSRP Extended Team Workforce Development Panel Risk Management Panel Environmental Panel Information Technologies Panel Business Processes Welding Technology Surface Preparation & Coatings Planning, Production Processes & Facilities Panel Electrical Technologies Panel Ship Warfare Systems Integration Panal Ship Design and Material Panel

Panel Chair and Vice Chair

panel chair and vice chair