Common Parts Catalog

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Common Parts Catalog (CPC)

NSRP's Common Parts Catalog (CPC) initiative employs standard data definition protocols, interfaces and a robust search engine to share part information within and between multiple shipyards and computer systems in order to streamline design, production, life cycle maintenance and business processes. CPC will serve as a powerful tool in realizing the Navy vision of 'One Shipyard for the Nation' - a virtual enterprise operating across organizational boundaries to optimize the processes of ship design, construction and repair. Considering that a single warship today can have as many as a million parts, the potential total ownership savings from reducing the number and standardization of parts specified, purchased and maintained could have a tremendous impact on cost and readiness. 

The first shipyards to put CPC into production (Electric Boat, Bath Iron Works and Ingalls Shipbuilding) have been engaged in final data load, full-scale testing and system refinement. Electric Boat, Bath Iron Works, Ingalls have implemented the initial capabilities.

A follow-on project, focused on incorporating the latest technology tools to make the CPC more accessible, was selected by the Executive Control Board in 2010:


Further information on the CPC and CPC Enhancements projects can be found in the Project Portfolio.