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Recent Benchmarking Efforts

Foreign Shipyard Coatings Benchmarking

Foreign Shipyard Coating Benchmarking (completed 2013) - During the last 10-15 years, coatings have increasingly become a bottleneck in the ship production process, as steelwork and other outfit technologies have improved making the coating work more critical to the process and resulting in more complex interactions with steel and outfit work. This benchmarking focuses on best practices in European and Asian shipyards and to transfer appropriate lessons learned to NSRP shipyards and NSRP-Navy initiatives for implementation


International Shipyard Study (completed 2011) -In the Spring of 2011, a team comprised of Navy and shipyard representatives traveled to both Asia and Europe to observe and document key processes, practices and technologies employed by international shipyards.

Past Benchmarking Efforts

During the development of the Strategic Investment Plan in 1998, the NSRP Executive Control Board concluded that a baseline was needed in order to measure performance of the U.S. shipbuilding industry during the period of the program. To establish the baseline, benchmarking of shipyards in the U.S., Europe, Japan and South Korea was conducted. The Defense Department sponsored the 2004-2005 benchmarking of first- and mid-tier U.S. shipyards and other international shipyards. The proven benchmarking method that was used established each shipyard's current competitive position along with an evaluation of the applied technology and practices in key areas against peers in the shipbuilding industry, both foreign and domestic.

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