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Cost Reductions for Late Stage Outfitting

This project evaluated adhesive bonding as a rapid and low cost method for installing lightweight general outfitting items late in the construction process. Current installation methods require welding, which is increasingly costly as a ship nears completion and requires additional labor to repair damage.

The project demonstrated alternate methods for adhesive mounting of lightweight outfitting items demonstrated through shock and vibration testing. Test plates included several common substrates with a standard coating system (where applicable). Mounting materials included ClickBond Studs, 3M Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive tape, and Plexus AO420 structural adhesive.

The project team completed final technical work, including shock and vibration testing analysis of testing and final report and recommendations.

late stage outtfitting  

Transit Seal Evaluation

The objectives of this project were to:

Find a suitable replacement option, as warranted, for traditional transit block systems that will save time and labor hours, primarily through evaluation of:

  1. The reliability of sealants (not susceptible to loosening during vibration or shock events or changes in environmental conditions);
  2. The ease of installing cables in the future and re-packing the frame;
  3. The relevance with respect to the passage of cables (evaluate the challenges with designing geometric configurations compared to using transit block systems);
  4. Cable component susceptibility to externally initiated compression and crush forces;
  5. Increase cable passage density;
  6. Any constraints on cable deratings due to passage density, heat transfer properties of the sealant, and cable passage geometry; and
  7. Through a testing and down select process, make recommendations that point to the most suitable candidates for further testing and possible qualification

The team has completed final technical work, including final report and recommendations.

transit sealant


Final Report

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Latest Project Updates

  • Cost Reductions for Late Stage Outfitting team conducts final testing and submits results and recommendations
  • Elimination of Overwelding share project results at Final Workshop at Naval Warfare Center-Carderock
  • First-Order Design Tool for Beam Stiffened Plate Structures completes project deliverables

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NSRP Holds Technology Expo in Washington

The third annual NSRP DAY @ NAVSEA was held on October 17 at the Maritime Plaza in Washington, DC.

Over 30 project teams exhibited the technologies, tools and processes they are developing under NSRP to those in the naval design, acquisition and construction communities and demonstrating their impact on the current and future fleet


New Round of Panel Projects Selected

On October 16, the NSRP Executive Control Board (ECB) selected 19 new R&D projects as part of the Program's core mission to reduce the costs associated with Navy shipbuilding and repair. The projects, totaling approximately $2.5M, will be executed through the NSRP panels.

For more information, go to Press Release


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