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Technology Transfer and Implementation of NSRP Projects

Technology Transfer and Project Implementation

One of the goals of NSRP is the sharing of project results to the maximum extent practicable to the U.S. shipbuilding industry, both throughout the project lifecycle, as well as after project completion.

Technology Transfer

Research Announcement (RA) Projects: a Technology Transfer and Implementation Plan (TTIP) is required for all RA projects and must be submitted prior to contract award.

Panel Projects: Although a formal technology transfer plan is not required for panel projects, panel project teams must include a clear outline of how the technology or process being developed will be disseminated across the industry and positioned for implementation.

Technology Transfer and Implementation Plans for both RA and panel projects should also outline the benefits of implementing the proposed technology/tool/process to both the shipbuilding and Navy. Key points to consider:

Breadth of applicability to the shipbuilding industry

Level and nature of benefit to the Navy and industry

Potential for lead-time and cycle reduction

Life of the product/technology in the marketplace (years)

Synergy with other operations, businesses, research and programs

Technology Transfer and Implementation Resources

tech transfer plan

Technology Transfer Checklist Implementation Matrix

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