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The information on this page has been gathered as a means to facilitate teaming on NSRP R&D projects. Proposers are encouraged to utilize as many of these resources as they may need or want:

Teaming Board -- comprised of posts from potential proposers. Posts include brief project information, as well as proposers' contact information. Individuals and organizations looking for potential NSRP R&D partnerships are encouraged to regularly check the board. Those interested in sharing their project ideas can submit via the Teaming Form.

Virtual Brainstorming Sessions -- SCRA will assist in coordinating virtual meetings for those who have formed preliminary collaborative teams through the Teaming Board

Proposers Conference -- conference which includes a briefing on the NSRP proposal submission and selection process, focusing on key changes for this particular solicitation, as well as networking opportunities.

Panel Meetings -- the ten NSRP Panels provide open forums for all interested U.S. shipbuilding and repair industry stakeholders. Industry-wide meetings, symposia and workshops are held to promote implementation of new technologies and processes and to support continued industry collaboration. Panels typically meet three times a year and meetings are held nationwide.

Proposers Conference
Teaming Board
Virtual Teaming
NSRP Events

Proposers Conference
Teaming Board
Virtual Brainstorming
Networking Opportunities


Additional Resources

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shipyard points of contact
Extended Team members
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